Hi Tech PR in Israel – Doran Communications

Doran Communications Ltd specializes in providing a wide range of marketing communication services for companies in all areas of business. Doran has acquired considerable experience and expertise, in the service of international and Israeli companies in areas of business and consumer, education, crisis management and hi-tech..

Doran Communications was established in 1988 by Raanan (Rani) Rogel, whose professional background includes working in advertising agencies and managing and editing the weekly magazine People and Computers – the Israeli edition of InformationWeek.

Raanan (Rani) Rogel, CEO, is Vice Chairman of the Israeli Public Relations Association, And in the years 2004-2007 Israel's representative in IPRA – the International Public Relations Association, and IPRA Council member.

The Doran Communications credo is based on three guiding principles:

  • Adoption of the total branding approach
  • Involvement, support and advice throughout the process of formulating the marketing strategy and media activities
  • Building up a long-term system of public relations based on the service principle.

Doran Communications offers the full range of marketing communication activities:

  • Public relations– improving the client’s image and exposure to the target audience. Doran Communications offers the full range of public relations activities with the purpose of improving the client’s image and exposure to the target audience, by means of:
    1. Media contacts – press releases, articles, personal interviews
    2. Press conferences, Press tours.
    3. Specialization in crisis management.
  • Advertising– advertising to all sectors of the economy, using all channels of the media, including strategic and creative planning, design, implementation, production and media purchase. Doran Communications specializes in the publication of job offer advertisements, through its advertising department.
  • Marketing communications– activities supplementary to advertising and public relations, including:
  • Marketing Print productions and direct mailing– product sheets (in different languages), brochures, information sheets and newsletters, folders, instruction manuals, assistance with direct mailing, use of databases and more.
  • Organization of events, conferences and exhibitions– events on any scale for clients, suppliers and employees, announcements and gala openings, new product launches, seminars, design and implementation of professional exhibitions etc.
  • Integrated intra-organizational communications – Doran Communications has considerable experience in carrying out communication activities within the organization, aimed at putting across the organization’s message and vision to all its employees, motivating employees to meet the organization’s goals and improving their belief in them.

Unique to Doran Communications:

  • Food & Beverage Israel – website and e-mail newspaper on the good things in life (www.foodis.co.il).
  • Doran Communications – a combination of experience, know-how, skills and expertise – providing all the complementary marketing activities under one roof, to lead our clients to success.

Among Our Clients:

Dassault Systems



Red Hat




Netsuite Israel



Motorola Mobility

PontisTop Group


Libi Technologies



Elad Systems

Samsung IT


MIT Soft


Israel Institute for Occupational Safety and Hygiene



Contact us:

email: info@doran.co.il

Phone: +972-3-9235383